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How To Treat Cold Sore The Easy Way

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(Herpes Simplex), including prescription, over the counter (OTC), as well as home treatments for cold sores. First, we’re going to go over some of the basics about cold sores, like what causes them and where it comes from, and then I’m going to tell you about some of the available treatment options and which one was the most effective for me. Basics About Cold Sores

Cold sores usually appear around your mouth. They can sometimes be on your nose, fingers, or chin. On a rare occasion, they can pop up inside of your mouth. Don’t confuse a canker sore with a cold sore however.

When the sores come, they cause a tingling sensation that turns into pain. The duration of the sore is anywhere from seven to ten days; and on occasion a little bit longer.

You can easily find products containing docosanol, benzocaine, lidocaine, camphor, zinc, lysine, tetracaine or phenol off the shelf that are effective against cold sores.

There are plenty of ways to get relief for your cold sores. There are topical treatments that can help give you relief. One such topical treatment is lidocain. You could also use benzyl alcohol or the medicine called Zilactin that is benzyl alcohol.

Home Remedies for Cold SoresCold sore remedies are cheap and easy to prepare cold sore treatments.Applying ice at first sign of tingling for about 20 minutes and repeated applications throughout the day is effective in slowing the cold sore lesion development.

Topical medication containing zinc is useful Applying tea bags on your cold sores is another effective cold sore treatment. As tea contains tannic acid which is antiviral, the herpes simplex virus is suppressed.

Be sure to keep your sore moist. Use Vaseline on your cold sore to help prevent pain when it cracks. You could also try triple action to keep your sore from getting dry.

The main key to getting quicker relief is to simply let it heal. Do not try to pop the blister. Do not squeeze the blister or pinch it. Once the blister has broken, don’t try to pick the scab off. Let the cold sore go through the entire process and it will help with relief.

Get rid of the frequent cold sores with the best cold sore treatment that is now available that has worked for many.

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