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Cancer Research & Presence Of RIP1 Protein

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There could be many different factors to associate with cancer research, which is something to take into account if you find yourself interested in the matter. So many people could cite what they believe to be the biggest triggers. However, without actual research being done and solid results being found, it doesn’t seem like there are many solid results in the long term. What about the presence of the RIP1 protein? While this may go over the heads of those not in the know, it could prove to be vital.

An article that was posted on BioNews Texas said that the RIP1 protein can potentially connect itself to matters involving cancer research. What it will be able to do, according to the written piece in question, is being able to control of growth of a number of different tumors, glioblastomas included amongst the group. This information was found out during a study at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. It’s apparent that this information can prove to be important and organizations such as Voices against Brain Cancer would be able to support it.

What RIP1 does is act as a cellular switch for tumor cells. The article spoke on the matter, saying that RIP1 actually binds to the receptor known as EGFRvIII, allowing the protein in question to regulate the survival of various cancerous cells. When these two elements bind, though, they form another element that deserves to be mentioned as well. It is referred to as NFB, which works in order to control the growth of tumor cells within the body, so it is apparent that this is worth noting too.

It seems like, with this information set in place, there is seemingly a much stronger foundation than there would have been otherwise. Studies keep their focus on glioblastomas for a reason, which is something that I am sure you have kept in mind. These tumor types are among the most common and the fact that they progress at the fastest rates is worth noting as well. It’s been said that glioblastomas make up for about 30% of tumors seen in the body and after reading about them, it’s hard for me to argue.

Any type of information within the realm of cancer research is helpful and I feel as though this is no exception. It seems like it could bring a number of different therapies to the surface now that it is known which types of elements are in existence. Brain cancer is an important matter and the fact that there is so much work done for it speaks volumes, in my opinion. It’s just a matter of the best work being done so that solid cures have a chance of being discovered.

Contact Voices Against Brain Cancer if you are searching for more information about brain cancer awareness.. Also published at Cancer Research & Presence Of RIP1 Protein.

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