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Why You Need a Debt Dispute Letter

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Your approach in your debt dispute letter and your method of action holds a significant impact to your debt dispute feat. Yes, both the debt validation letter and the debt verification letter comprise debt dispute letter. When your debt dispute keeps going, it is greatly recommended that you use dispute letters. The reason being is that you are legally binding your creditor or collections agency in dispute letters or written communications rather than in verbal communication.

Do not hesitate to employ debt dispute especially when you continue to receive harassing collection calls from your creditors or collections agency no matter how you’ve endeavored to inform them that the debt isn’t yours or that the amount reflected on the notice is not the actual amount that you owe them. Do not be reluctant because your action is gallantly supported by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Keep yourself a copy of the debt dispute letters that you send to your creditor or collections agency. And when you send those dispute letters, be sure to use an official mail with a return-receipt requested. Unlike the certified mail, your creditor or collections agency cannot negate your argument when you use an official mail in sending out the debt validation letters.

Do not expect a response from your creditor or collections agency. They can choose to either respond or ignore your letter. Yes, they are given the preference to do that under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The response is not obligatory unless your creditor or credit collectors intend to specifically take action to resolve your debt.

As soon as you receive your first notice from your creditor or credit collector, send your debt validation letters right away. This is a straightforward step as the claims of your creditor or debt collector will be confirmed valid or void.

Lest you forget, your cloak and dagger in a debt dispute is your approach to effectively convey the dispute to your creditor or collections agency. You are the forerunner of the dispute and every part of the process counts on you. Be confident and quick-witted. You might be one step behind as far as your creditor or debt collector’s experience in the industry is concern. But a pool of resources spread over a well organized debt dispute and a carefully written debt dispute letters can favorably toss your position.

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