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What A Cosmetic Dentist Does

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Usually people associate dentists with teeth cleaning, root canals, and a host of other necessary (yet sometimes unpleasant) procedures. While oral health and hygiene make up a very large area of the dentistry field, some dentists perform work that doesn’t affect the physical health of the patient, but does wonders for their emotional well-being and self-esteem. These specialists are known as cosmetic dentists.

This may seem obvious, but America as a culture struggles significantly to provide for our nutritional needs. It takes a relatively short amount of time for you to educate yourself on what types of food are healthy and what quantities are reasonable for human consumption. If you’re a fan of flavor, there are hundreds of websites and cookbooks dedicating to helping you find tasty, easy meals that help you keep your diet healthy.

Over half of American adults are overweight or obese and obesity has been linked to a significant increase in the risk of several types of cancer. Every human body is unique and requires individualized attention in order to stay healthy. Along with eating well, it is important that you develop an exercise routine that works for you and that you enjoy. Keep in mind that it is good to combine strength training and cardio workouts for a more well-rounded health profile.

Cosmetic dentistry can provide a much improved smile – but at what cost? If purchasing porcelain veneers, it can involve considerable amounts of shaving off of the tooth, which can lead to further damage of the nerve or root later on. They are extremely expensive, averaging at about 1,000 dollars per tooth. They are also extremely difficult to make match the rest of your teeth exactly, resulting in the inevitable purchase of additional porcelain veneers to match your other one.

The cosmetic dentist once again uses a mold of your teeth to complete this procedure and makes your veneers for you. However, while veneers are indeed coverings, they do require some tooth work and reduction before you can wear them. Therefore, it is important to remember that they are a fairly permanent addition to your mouth, should you choose to use them.

In addition to the above items, you want to make sure you are keeping your overall health in mind. Do not engage in high risk behaviors that could lead to you contracting a virus or STD. Get immunized and talk to your doctor about other ways you can stay healthy. Don’t forget to do simple things like brush your teeth and take care of your oral health. And make sure you are getting regular checkups. The best way to treat cancer, if you happen to contract it, is to catch and treat it early.

For those pesky pointy teeth, they can even round off the sharp edges. The best part about these procedures is that since the enamel of the tooth has no nerves, these operations are painless and can be completed quickly, often within an hour.

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