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Tips for Skin Care

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10 Easy Steps To Beautiful Skin:

1. Drink alot of water! A hydrated body will more easily supply needed nutrients to organs and eliminate toxins. This includes your largest organ, your skin!

2. Eliminate dirt and free radicals that can block pores, by using a good Cleanser or Daily Face Wash. It’s a brief 30 seconds and will avoid blemishes developing

3. Use a hydrating moisturiser! It’s great to hydrate from the inside out, but you also need to hydrate skin from the outside in. Depending on whether you have dry or oily skin will determine how intense and hydrating you need your moisturiser to be or whether you need an oil free moisturiser.

4. Exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. Really refresh your pores and eliminate dead skin cells, so the new, healthy and replenished skin cells are more evident. This will make your skin look more beautiful!

5. Use a mask 1 -2 times a week. You’ll be amazed at how good your skin feels later! It’s better to use a mask on the same day that you exfoliate, so once dead cells are cleared, you are giving the skin with heaps of nutrients for the fresh layer of newer skin cells.

6. The Big 30! This is when you are recommended to start using anti-ageing skin care. This includes an Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Eye Cream and a good ACE Serum. Vitamin A in the serum assists in the production of healthy cells and the clearing of dead skin cells. Vitamin C in the serum aids the restoration of spoilt skin cells, including sun damage.

7. Protect yourself from the sun! Use a sunblock when in the sun, cover up and wear protective clothing. Gone are the days of sunbathing for hours on end, have you seen how terrible this makes people’s skin look when they’re older ? Also instead of looking for sunscreen in your moisturisers, you’re better off to search for sunscreen in your makeup.

8. They say everything in moderation, but really some things should be never. Don’t smoke. Full stop.

9. Exercise! Exercise not only makes you feel energised, but encourages oxygen movement around the body. Your skin will look more healthy and radiant for it!

10. Sleep. Get the bare essential 6 hours of quality sleep a night and you’ll keep away those dark circles and bags around your eyes.

Irene McDonald is a developer of Natural skin care products. The goal of every new formulation is to make a visible improvement to the skin. Younger looking skin at every age is very achievable.

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