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Sugar Addicts Can Achieve Fast Weight Loss

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If you are a sugar addict you may be wondering if it’s ever possible to stop! At the height of my sugar addiction, I was eating a family block of chocolate and a Chokito bar every day! My health was terrible, I was tired and sluggish and my brain was so “foggy” that I could barely think straight. I also used to suffer from really bad moods which I used to have to hide behind a smile.When I got so tired that I had to have a sleep as soon as I got home from work, I went to my doctor. All of the blood tests came back normal. He told me that going by the results, he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend me for a life insurance policy. He didn’t have any idea how to help me at all. I thought that my problem might be allergies, so I started to do some research at my local library and I came across a lot of information about sugar. This is how I started to learn how detrimental it can be to your health and I realized that it was time for me to stop.[]

Then I started to read about nutrition and realized how toxic sugar is for our bodies. I used a lot of willpower to stop eating sugar, and I mostly succeeded, but the craving didn’t go away. One time about 30 years ago, I went off sugar completely for two years. After a few months, the cravings lessened, but then after two years I made the mistake of thinking I was cured. A bite of sugar and all the craving returned.

Along with the sugar addiction, I struggled on and off with weight issues.Everything changed when I discovered what the underlying emotional issue was and how to deal with it. Now I know that a sugar/carb addiction can be healed by taking care of both physical and emotional issues.When we abandon ourselves by being unloving to ourselves – with self-judgment, ignoring our feelings, numbing them out with various addictions or making others responsible for us – we create a big empty hole inside. What this hole really wants is love – our love – but since we are abandoning ourselves, we are far from loving ourselves. The empty hole is very painful, and food – especially sugar and starches – works for the moment to fill the inner emptiness.

It is unrealistic to expect a sugar addiction to go away without learning how to fill that inner emptiness with love – the love that is always available to us from our spiritual source. So learning how to love yourself is vital to healing a sugar addiction and other addictions.The Physical Cause.The physical cause of a sugar addiction is about what is going on in your digestive system. If you have more beneficial intestinal flora than harmful flora, then you have a healthy gut and likely don’t crave sugar. Unfortunately, there are many things in our modern society that destroy the healthy bacteria, leaving us vulnerable to the proliferation of unhealthy bacteria.Some of what destroys healthy bacteria:Processed foods are exactly what the term implies – they are not natural. Because they have been refined, many of the nutrients the body needs are destroyed, and unhealthy food-like products have been added, such as sugar, GMO-grown foods, heated oils which are extremely toxic for our bodies, preservatives, colors, and so on. All of these destroy beneficial flora.

Eat your fruit with a little protein or fat,When you eat fruit, always make sure that you eat it with a little protein and/or fat. For example eat a few nuts or a 20 gram slice of cheese with an apple. Have some Greek yogurt with your mango. The protein and fat help to slow down the speed at which the sugar hits your blood stream which stops you getting sugar highs and lows.If you have been feeling that it is impossible to stop sugar addiction, follow these five tips and you will be well on your way to quitting sugar forever. Eating whole foods, including fats, will help to keep you feeling full and will prevent the blood sugar lows that make you crave sugar even more. If you want to beat your sugar addiction, you need to quit sugar for 6-8 weeks completely. By then you should be able to introduce the occasional sweet treat without setting off uncontrollable cravings.

Most people are not aware that they are addicted to sugar. However, they will quickly come to that realization if they ever try to go a few days without it. And if you have herpes, then you know too much sugar will only make your symptoms worse.Consuming too much sugar is not good for your body at all. It will lower your immune system, mess with your blood sugar levels and also lead to excess weight gain. Although you most likely won’t be able to eliminate sugar from your diet completely, here are a few tips to reduce your intake dramatically.

Getting sugar addiction help is a little easier now that low carb diets are so popular but still a difficult undertaking on the best of days. Like true addicts, we all enjoy the occasional sweet treats that ruin our diets. If you have a problem with sugar chances are that the first place it will show up is in your waistline. Of course that isn’t the only place that sugar can take it’s toll on your body.Not all Addictions are Created Equal.Some addictions to sugar are more difficult to manage than others. Not everyone is equipped with the will power necessary to walk away from the sweet rewards that sometimes make life worth living.

It is very common for people to eat all sorts of foods without even bothering to read the list of ingredients. If you are trying to overcome your addiction to sugar, then you will certainly need to change this habit. You’ll be surprised how much sugar is in salad dressing and other foods you wouldn’t think about. Start reading labels. The types of foods that you eat are very important. You will want to limit intake of foods that contain too much sugar. Instead of eating packaged products, you should switch to eating base foods instead. For example, you could start eating whole oatmeal with fruit instead of pre-packaged oatmeal or sugary cereals. Instead of canned peaches in syrup, you can eat a whole peach.

No One Size Solutions.A successful program designed for the purpose of sugar addiction help will be sure to include various degrees of recovery for different people seeking help with sugar addictions. The problem is that everyone needing help with this particular addiction is interested in an all out cold turkey diet free of all great sweet treats. For a treatment program to be successful it needs to offer different services to those who need a more or less strict sugar free existence. This allows those who have diabetes to leave all sugar behind while those who simply want to lose a few pounds to cut out some of the sugar in their diets. You will need to identify the solution you feel will work best for you.

If you are truly interested in receiving sugar addiction help then you should give some serious thought to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnotherapy or some combination of the two. The reason is that the hardest battle is the mental battle. You must literally change the way you think about food and sugar in order to have a successful diet of any kind. When you can begin to think of food as fuel for the body rather than some sort of treat or sweet reward, then you can begin to really enjoy sweet success of another kind all together.How does NLP help with a sugar problem? Because it addresses the problem specifically without wasting time analyzing the “why”. Sometimes you can get so caught up in why you eat too much sugar that you forget to emphasize why you should not. NLP is about training your mind to behave in a new way. In this instance it would be to train your mind to avoid craving sugary foods and drinks that are bad for your health and your diet.

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