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Is Your Diet Suited To Weight Loss Or Muscle Building?

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If you are trying to maximize your muscle building gains or learn how to lose weight safely, you will need to be aware of a few important factors if you are to see any real results. The biggest factor, of course, is learning how to optimize your eating habits to suit your goals.

In today’s post, you will learn how to do this for yourself.

Fat loss is a common goal in the gym. However, ninety percent of people who list this as their primary goal have overlooked the one aspect which is going to get them there – their daily calorie intake. The basic science behind fat loss is that if you eat less, you will lose more.

However, it would be quite foolish to set yourself a good calorie target and then neglect to go a little bit further. By learning how to optimize your intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats you will only enhance your results even further. []

If you need assistance in creating a solid calorie target for building lean size and retaining it, try the following equation. While everybody is free to tinker with it and strike a balance which works for them, the basis of this equation works for the vast majority of individuals:

* Total daily calories = target body weight in pounds x 15.

If you wanted to bulk up to 180 lbs, for example, you would do the following sum: 180 x 15 = 2700. This now sets you a goal of 2700 calories per day.

* Your protein intake = Total calories x 30%, divided by four.

Getting the right split of the three macronutrients is critical to ensuring your calories are coming from the right places. For protein, we can establish that 30% of 2700 is 810 calories. Now divide this by four and you’ll be given a target of 202 grams per day.

* Total daily carbohydrate intake = 55% of overall calories divided by 4.

For our daily intake of carbohydrates, we need to do a similar equation with some slightly larger figures. 55% of 2700 is, of course, 1485. Divide this by four and we get 371 grams of carbohydrates.

* Fats = 15% of our calorie target, divided by 9.

Our body still needs to consume fats if we are going to achieve our fitness goals. It is a vital macronutrient. So to establish your fat intake, we need 15% of our calorie goal. This is 405. We then divide this by 9, which is the number of calories in one gram of fat, and we can see that our daily intake of fats should be around 45 grams.

If your goal is to learn how to lose weight or build lean muscle then you need to be able to understand the importance not only in how much food you eat throughout the day, but where those calories are coming from. It’s quality, rather than quantity. If you are able to follow the guidelines above then you will be set on the right track to building a leaner, stronger body in no time.

Info written by: Learn the truth about how to build muscle thanks to Russ Howe PTI. Russ is a leading personal trainer, teaching people facts on how to lose weight for free each day on his website.

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