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Is Isatori Bio-Gro A Breakthrough Muscle Building Supplement?

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Whenever a new muscle building supplement hits the shelves in supplement stores, it is accompanied by a barrage of marketing hype. Isatori Bio-Gro follows that trend, arriving in a bluster of bold claims about how it can develop your body’s ability to build more muscle naturally.

Today we will be looking at the ingredients and the science behind the product, to determine whether it can live up to it’s own hype or not.

Like all sports supplements, it can be hard to find genuine information on the effectiveness of something before you purchase it. This is no different, with every review ending in hype and sales talk. This can work to the detriment of potentially great supplements, who would do better to simply concentrate on the facts rather than look like every other product on the market. This is one of the major cons to this particular product, in fact, as it arrived surrounded by so much hype that it set itself up to disappoint gym newbies – who were undoubtedly expecting some sort of miracle pill. I:5:T

The real key to finding a solid supplement is to look past the marketing talk and head straight to the ingredients list. Luckily, this is where this particular product stands up quite nicely. Containing a unique blend of bio-active peptides which are said to increase IGF-1 and other growth hormone factors, it’s main goal is to boost your body’s protein synthesis.

That sounds an awful lot like anabolic steroids, but it’s a safe and thoroughly tested supplement so you need not worry about using anything illegal or dangerous.

By consuming it alongside your whey protein supplement, your goal is to increase protein synthesis and allow your body to use more protein during the muscle building post-workout recovery phase. Potentially, it’s a rather explosive addition to your supplement plan if you are trying to pack on more lean muscle.

The ultimate praise for any product, of course, is scientific evidence. It is perhaps unlucky for Isatori that they have ventured into a field of sports nutrition which was previously only dominated by anabolic steroids and other illegal agents, meaning that there is very little actual scientific evidence to back up their latest product without mentioning words which gym users don’t like hearing. They seem to be well aware of this issue, encouraging people to try it and see if it works for them before making any judgements.

It appears the company is aiming to use the initial feedback from it’s customers as the benchmark for future developments of this particular product, until the scientific community has enough time to come up with evidence and studies to confirm it’s effectiveness.

Overall, Isatori Bio-Gro is a breakthrough product which, at this point in time, cannot be pigeon-holed into a specific supplement category. It’s not whey protein, it’s not creatine, it’s not a pre-workout pump-up product either. It is designed to do something which, until recently, we had to rely on the use of anabolic steroids for.

Further info: The isatori bio-gro uk evaluation was provided by strength coach Russ Howe PTI. Russ is the most nationally recognized strength coach south shields has produced, teaching thousands of people fat loss strategies via his blog every day.

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