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How To Protect Employees With Arc Flash Analysis And Training

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In today’s power engineering, people should not only assure that all facilities receive the power needed reliably and efficiently, it is also very important to always make sure that they are performed as safely as possible. Being very near to any live electrical equipment can be very dangerous for your workers. Administrative controls, appropriate arc flash analysis and applied safety practices can possibly reduce the risk of arc flash injuries.

Arc flash is defined as an electrical explosion typically resulting from low electric resistance of the ground connection or another voltage phase in an electrical system. It occurs when the electrical current flows in between a separated line or two conducting surfaces. Some common causes include improper work processes, insulation features, human errors and accidental contact among other environmental factors.

In line with this, the National Fire Protection Associated established standards that ensure safety in the workplace. These standards are designed to promote safety for the personnel as well as prevent possible damages to the equipment. Therefore, it must be strictly followed in every industry.

The leading electrical industries are mandated to perform arc flash training and analysis. Every employee needs to undergo intensive training related to electrical safety. Certification is required by every state and all companies are expected to comply. This ensures that the workers understand the importance of such policies and, therefore, pledge to apply all safety procedures.

Various methods are constantly developed, tested and applied in different companies in an attempt to protect their valued assets. Thanks to the heightened awareness of the most common safety hazards. This may include proper calibration of electrical equipment, modifying existing designs and wearing of protective clothing and gears. Nonetheless, the best means of reducing electrical hazard in the workplace remains to be de-energizing of equipment during personnel interaction.

Every employee is necessary to be trained not to work on any live equipment that is more than fifty volts. However, if it is very necessary for a personnel to work on energized equipment, it is highly recommended to always observe safe work practices prior to performing the job. These safe work procedures include using proper materials, wearing appropriate protective equipment and assessing risks from the results of expert analysis of the electrical equipment.

Safe work procedure is another way of preventing injuries and issues relating to arc flash especially in the event of incident. One major precaution implemented within the workplace is following all labels and warning signs. Also, it is highly recommended that all employees should only perform the functions which they are trained and qualified.

PPE is highly essential for every electrical work as well. This training program provides the personnel with the necessary information to prepare them for the hazards at bay. This is provided to the employees to increase awareness of the equipment and materials to be used to ensure safety. The PPE may include insulating gloves, flame-resistant clothing, face shield and headgear among others.

To fully maximize the benefits of arc flash analysis, it must be understood and performed not only by the workers but by the management as well. Unless the management fully understand its importance, it may conveniently overlook such a crucial preparation. The fraction of effort it asks for is nothing when compared to the protection it provides to the company’s asset.

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