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How To Get A Six Pack In 3 Minutes

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With everybody looking for a faster way to get fitter, there is an abundance of misleading information in the fitness industry cashing in on those who are looking to discover how to lose weight quickly. It’s not unusual to hear people claiming they can teach you how to get a six pack in 3 minutes per day, or help you build muscle in one hour per week. Like most industries, hype is dominant in health and fitness.

That’s not to say you cannot achieve fast results, though.

The midsection is an area of the body which is subject to so many different opinions and training styles that many fitness enthusiasts simply don’t have a clue where to start. With so many different so-called experts telling you contrasting things it can become hard to focus.

While you could have one instructor telling you that some people just can’t develop their abs and another one telling you the opposite, or a fit friend advising you that you need to eat the latest supplements while your work colleagues tell you to avoid them like the plague, the truth is there is not just one way to get fit. There is not just one correct method of working out. Even in today’s health and fitness landscape, where things are becoming more scientific by the hour, lots of it still comes down to trial and error.

While each exercise routine must be specific to your body, the basics of fitness remain the same for all of us.

The three movements in this workout are designed to not only strengthen your abs but also toughen the areas around it. By strengthening the muscles around your stomach you will notice that results come far easier. This workout only takes three minutes, but you’ll earn your results.

* Mountain Climbers

* Ninety Degree Crunches (knees held up at a ninety degree angle)

* Elevated Plank

In this workout each move is performed for 30 seconds, meaning each full round will take just a minute and a half to complete. The idea is to minimize rest, focusing on high intensity. Three minutes will allow you to complete two full laps of this circuit. If you wish to push for a third you can do so providing your current fitness level allows you to do so. Even with the addition of an extra round, the full workout is over within four and a half minutes!

Short intense bursts of activity like this are excellent for fast results. The main issue most people have with abdominal workouts is that they take too long, doing endless repetitions on sit-up machines to no avail. There are four big factors behind why this type of session is effective:

* Suddenly you don’t need a gym to get a workout. Leaning body weight exercises is a great way to open up new opportunities for exercise and reduce the number of sessions you have to skip over the course of a year.

* The focus is on time, not reps. This encourages you to simply work as hard as you physically can, while keeping you under a very strict time target that enables you to fit this workout into any busy schedule.

* You’ll be able to perform this with a very high level of intensity. Again, this is due to the fact that it’s over in just a few short moments. High intensity training is proven to far advance regular training when it comes to blasting unwanted body fat and sculpting lean muscle tissue.

* You’ll remove the number one problem with abdominal workouts – you’ll make it fun! Rather than a bunch of slow, laboring sets on gym machines you aren’t really excited about, you’ll have a Rocky-style challenge which pits you against you previous best attempt and demands you outscore it.

If you’ve been lost with your fitness, don’t worry because you’re not alone. It would be quite safe to wage a bet that most people in your local gym don’t really know how to lose weight despite training regularly for years, such is the confusion regarding health and fitness. Providing you combine this information with a sensible diet, learning how to get a six pack in 3 minutes doesn’t seem impossible.

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