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How Palatine Acupuncture Helps Alleviate Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Naturally

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A significant portion of the population will experience the tell tale signs of a seasonal allergy upon the arrival of spring including itching eyes, runny noses, congestion, sneezing, and headaches. The conventional methods of symptom management include nasal sprays and antihistamines that can increase drowsiness and irritation. Palatine acupuncture offers alternative practice to work with and strengthen physical systems to prevent symptoms from developing.

A proactive measure can assist in combating the development of symptoms in response to pollens and similar environmental pollutants. Recent studies have indicated that acupuncture may be a suitable model for the management of such conditions before it becomes problematic. It is believed to strengthen immune function and decrease reliance on medication.

The acupuncturist offers the necessary intervention to reduce the occurrence of seasonal allergies. Such methods aim to decrease swelling of the nasal passages, free from mucus, and prevent against the possibility of adverse reactions. Conditions including hay fever and allergic rhinitis have responded favorably to such intervention.

The practice is based on ancient Chinese medicine where Qi or energy of the body needs to be free flowing to prevent against symptoms. It is when this energy becomes blocked or disrupted that adverse reactions are most likely to occur. Sterile needles are inserted into target areas including respiratory systems to ensure that energy is balanced.

A complete assessment of physical function will be required to determine whether imbalance is present. Individualized programs are created to ensure that all patients are provided the necessary support to work towards an aligned state. The focus is on determining the source for symptoms and the ways in which the body responds to allergens.

Palatine acupuncture offers a comprehensive approach for patients suffering from seasonal allergies. In most cases, the therapy is combined with herbal remedies for system support. Such modifications will aid in changing the reaction of the body to spring time allergens so that all affected persons may live healthier lives, free from symptoms.

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