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Got Muscle Pain? Alleviate The Pain Naturally

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If you have sore muscles or even a muscle strain, you might consider an over-the-counter pain medicine or medicated cream. However, there are several natural ways to keep pain to a minimum and keep you moving through the day.

One of the biggest myths regarding muscle pain is that if you stop using the muscles, you will ease the pain. Typically, unless you have a specific type of injury, it is best to keep your muscles moving. So do some light stretching and move around a little bit and this will warm up those muscles and allow the healing to begin.

Drink plenty of water. Water not only improves our immune system and makes our skin look fresh; it helps our muscles, as well. Sore muscles are already dehydrated, so don’t make them suffer more by denying them the healing power of water. After all, when your blood becomes dehydrated it begins taking water from tissues and cells, further damaging your muscles. Drinking water is a cheap and effective way to help heal sore muscles.

Cold packs can work wonders on sore muscles. Cold constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the sore area, which thereby reduces inflammation. Cold packs can be purchased at any drug store, but you can easily make your own. Just wet and wring out a washcloth, fold it and place it in a baggie. Freeze it and voila, you have your own homemade cold pack. Keep a few of these on hand at all times. They take up little freezer space and you get quick pain relief from a cold pack, so have it ready to go.

A physiological hybrid shape is another great option, especially if you still wish to exercise when your muscles are sore. RapidForce’s physiological hybrid shapes, for example, are easy to use and adhere to the skin with a medical-grade adhesive so it won’t fall off when you are moving around. You can opt for shapes for your knees, shoulders, elbows or your lower or upper back.

The physio hybrid shape supports the sore muscles by drawing strength from nearby muscle groups. Many athletes report that these special shapes allow them to continue exercising virtually free from pain. This is beneficial for that sore muscle because by continuing to move the muscle, blood will flow to the area and the sore muscle will heal more quickly.

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