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Enjoy Health With Scents Of The Spirit

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Scents of the Spirit are a collection of natural essential and fragrance oils that are used in scenting candles and body products for aromatherapy. They come in small batches and are highly fragrant compared to others in the same category in the industry. The candles are dye free and come in containers that can be recycled.

The addition of precious stones with complementary energies helps to argument the power of candles used in aromatherapy. This is an extension of unique uses of sounds, objects and colors to achieve holistic health. Smell is as potent as the other elements and offers an incredible level of effectiveness. Experts have confirmed its potency over time and through extensive research.

Pure essential oils are contained in distinct plants. They are available in tiny drops and are highly volatile. This means that they evaporate easily to form a vapor that one smells when he goes close to an aromatic plant. Extensive studies have revealed some of the conditions that can be relieved using the essential oils. They have the advantage of a natural feel which means that they do not have side effects on the body.

In aromatherapy, these products serve as antiseptics that protect the body from germs. Others serve as pain relieving agents in hospices and other conditions that cannot be handled medically. Other components of these products are used as sedatives, as mood and room fragrances and to relax muscles. They are added in oils and ointments to work as soothing agents to relief stress and calm people in situations of anxiety.

The colors vary depending on the plant from where it has been extracted. The strength of the aroma varies but this does not affect its effectiveness. The presence of naturally filtered vitamins like A and B enriches their quality. When used in oils and ointments, they have additional lecithin, proteins and amino acids. These products work perfectly on all skin types including the oily, dry and dehydrated.

Black pepper is among the plants from where the extracts originate. It is used in stimulating the digestive system as well as strengthening the muscles. Heat from pepper extracts warms wasting and cold muscles and is applied on old wounds, sciatica and stiff muscles. It is considered one of the natural pain relieving extracts. Chamomile is used to relief stress as well as an anti-inflammation. It is mild and highly effective on children.

Eucalyptus is used to deal with respiratory complains and has incredible anti-viral and diuretic benefits. It is used to either warm or cool muscles for arthritic patients. Lemon and grape fruit are preferred because of their antiseptic properties. They work well in refreshing and soothing the mind and emotions. They enrich drugs and can be used to treat warts, acne and boils.

Scents of the Spirit aromatherapy depends on unique properties in each plant. Other notable sources of fragrance include peppermint, lavender, rosemary and cedar wood. Each product is prepared and used in a different way.

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