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Colloidal Silver Water And Its Health Benefits

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When there are hundreds of infectious pathogens in the body to be fought, the most powerful weapon to fight them is colloidal silver water. Even prior to the arrival of patented drugs, it was the most commonly used anti-effective substance. It is totally non-toxic, and when administered in the right doses, it can be a powerful fighter of all types of germs.

Colloidal silver, sometimes called silver water, is made up of tiny particles of silver suspended in water. To make it, an electric charge is applied to pieces of pure and solid silver, immersed in a container full of pure distilled water. No ingredients of any type or chemicals are used in making it.

In a look at its function, this medicine has the one of a kind ability to suffocate pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. While drugs for prescription are known to cause harm such as liver, kidney, gastrointestinal and brain damage, silver water destroys germs and pathogens without any harm occurring to the human tissues. It has an electric charge which is opposite to that of most pathogens. Since opposites are known to attract, it can attract and kill any invaders with a high degree of effectiveness, then transporting them outside the system of the body.

It has been proven that the substance eliminates all tested fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and blood parasites. It can also eliminate any viruses such as salmonella, Staph, strep, candida Albicans and Lyme disease, among many others. This is according to the author of book titled Anti-Aging Manual, named Joseph Marion. Additionally, colloidal liquid rods fermentation, which happens to be a vital cancer therapy aspect.

The substance can be quite of help when relieving illnesses such as indigestion and dysentery. In addition, it can also reduce cases of stomach ulcers, since it acts as an astringent when inside the digestive system. It also helps wound heal fats, such as burns, sores and cut wounds, with the tissues surrounding them left unscarred. Some of the diseases it protects include ringworm and bronchitis.

This liquid is known to eliminate over 650 organism germs in about six minutes or even less, irrespective of being mixed in low concentrations of ratio five to a million. It is able to do so through blocking the oxygen providing enzymes for the germs. When comparing it with amoxicillin and penicillin, these two can only be effective against six to twelve types of germs organisms.

The substance is very safe to use in that it is not only non-toxic, but also safe to use in the eyes, does not irritate any tissues, and does not have any taste. To even children and pets, it has high safety and effectiveness. Methods of taking include inhalation into the lungs, externally or orally.

Unlike the case of common antibiotics that have been proven to cause yeast infections and fungus, colloidal silver water does not cause damage to the liver, intestines or kidneys. Amounts of each dosage depends on the strength of the product, which is measured in ppm (parts per million), as well as the reason for taking. When used as a preventive, the recommended daily intake should be less than a teaspoon.

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