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Career Preview: Nursing

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One of the most noble professions is nursing.As part of the healthcare industry nurses are tasked to give assistance to doctors in saving lives.It is now one of the well compensated professions.For this reason many nursing programs are now being offered.

the usual work done by nurses is to implement doctor’s orders,performing various tests and charting results, keeping track of the patient’s health progress,and to educate the patient and his folks.

Nurses need the medical knowledge and also inter-personal skills.Nurses serve as the communication line between other healthcare professionals and the patient.In addition to the medical care given, nurses are also the ones who give comforting advices to patients and their families.The work environment round the clock so flexibility is important.

There are many programs for those who want to be nurses.There are various nursing programs that would give you a per-level degree until you complete the entire program for registered nurses.This allows you to work in between studies.This program works well for those who do not have enough money for a college nursing degree.

However, there are also a lot of accelerated nursing programs that can compress the entire degree in a year and a half.This program works well for those who would like to take up nursing as their second degree.The program credits the non-nursing subjects you have taken in your first degree.This means that you’d only have to focus on the core subjects.This requires full attention and dedication for the entire period as all the trainings and classes need to be compressed.

After education, one needs to pass the licensure exam in order to be a registered nurse.Some states give another set of examination before one acquires a license to practice there.

The nursing profession has various fields of practice.Their post would usually depend on the kind of education and training that they have.There are nursing aids that perform the simple nursing tasks.Registered nurses work on hospitals, nursing homes and even schools.Some nurses also choose to specialize in a certain field like psychiatric nurses or pediatric nurses.There are some nursing programs offered for those who want to be more specialized.

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