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Better Sleep With A Lavender Scented Neck Wrap

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Most people suffer from sleeplessness at one time or another in their lives. Many choose not to use commercial or prescription solutions and instead select a lavender scented neck wrap. Lavender is a favorite because its aroma is so fragrant and therapeutic. The medicinal qualities of this plant work to relieve stress and relax muscles allowing sleep to come easier.

There are many companies that offer a number of sizes and styles of the neck wraps. You have a choice of weight and coverage of the affected areas. Weight is an important factor. You will want it to feel soothing with out feeling like a dead weight on your neck and back. The warmth and aroma are the key and if you are forced to move it every few minutes it may become a nuisance rather tan a help.

Fabric content is also very important. It must be strong but soothing to the skin. Most manufacturers choose soft cotton or flannel for their products but some offer velvet as a third choice. Some private creators offer plush animals that contain packets of the aroma therapy selected. You may want to be certain of the care of covers. Most are removable and can be machine washed but some need surface cleaning only.

The wraps should be stored in plastic in the refrigerator when not in use. This ensures that the therapy scents will stay active for a long time. If you find that you need to refresh the essence there are ways to do this that are easy and relatively inexpensive.

Some companies will supply you with the replacement items either at the time of purchase or by ordering them separately. These options include liquid essences that are sprayed onto the item and small packets of herbs and fragrances that you specify. The liquids offer the added advantage of being used for pillows or toys that are in the bedroom. This helps to sooth and relax all night long.

The fillers for these items generally are rice or flax seed. Flax seed is the most popular because it is an oil based seed that does not dehydrate when heated or cooled. It also has no scent that interferes with the healing aromas you need. Rice has a tendency to degrade when micro waved and can become burnt easier than flax seed.

You do not want to over heat the flax seed in these things. The result will be a scorched smell that you cannot get rid of. Follow timing instructions closely to ensure safety. Long grain rice is more susceptible to the heat than flax seed. Never try to use a conventional oven for heating purposes. These are microwave only items. You must also be cautious when around water. If they are immersed in water they are ruined. The fillings will clump and stick together and the special aromas will be gone.

A lavender scented neck wrap is a way to treat your pain and stress and not have to spend a lot of money on massages or therapeutic day spas. While using one you can continue with your daily routine and benefit from the soothing effects in your own home. These are also wonderful gifts for those you care about . Imagine having a totally stress free family with one simple gift.

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