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Are you cleaning your face correctly ? Skin Care Skin Care basics

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Hopefully you are washing your face twice a day, every day, right?!? But how many of us are getting the most out of our skin care products and doing the basics; washing our faces properly?

I’ll be honest. Now and then standing in in front of the sink for 2 whole minutes, brushing your teeth, can seem an eternity! The same is true when washing your face and going through your daily routine of using a daily face wash, exfoliating, moisturisingand all of your makeup before beginning your day.

Just how long are you spending cleaning your face and working your Daily Face Wash, Natural Face Cleanser or Natural Face Exfoliator onto your face?

To enable the ingredients included in your skin care lines to penetrate your skin and get the most benefit of applying them on your face, you should be utilising the product for at least 30 seconds all over your face.? The brief 10 second scrub just isn’t cutting it! After paying all this money on skin care you should ensure you get the full potential and results out of them.

Make sure you are applying product to all areas of the face including the side of your nose, to your hairline on your forehead and all around your chin. It’s especially important to apply product to your neck as well, as this is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing.

It sounds simple, but it’s surprising just how many people are avoiding the basics of skin care, so don’t get all the benefits that their products promise.

Don’t forget once you have washed your face (correctly) to moisturise. Depending on whether you have dry skin or oily skin dictates whether you will require a more nourishing cream (including ingredients such as hyaluronic acid) or an oil free moisturiser.

Irene McDonald is the director of a Natural Skin Care company. With a mission to improve skin, one woman at a time, Irene uses active ingredients that produce results. With the right products and knowledge it is possible to achieve younger looking skin at any age.

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