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A Vitamin C Deficiency Can Cause A Tendency For You To Bruise Easily!

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When you are thinking about vitamin C, it’s very likely that you think about tall, ice cold glasses of orange juice. While that is one tasty source, vitamin C can be found in a host of different foods, and that’s a fortunate thing. Vitamin C is critical for your bodies to function correctly, and not having enough of what you need can cause some very ugly results. Consider and really give some thought to whether you are getting enough vitamin C in your diet and if your body might be trying to tell you that you aren’t.

To begin with, think about where you get vitamin C in your diet. Oranges, and in fact all citrus fruit, has a high vitamin C content, but almost any fresh fruit or vegetable will have a reasonable amount of this vitamin in it.

As an example, some other fruits and vegetables that contain a high concentration of vitamin C include guava, spinach, persimmons, Brussels sprouts, mangoes and melons. Even though animal products will give you considerably less vitamin C per the amount of food consumed, vitamin C can also be found in animal liver. If you have concerns that you are not getting enough, a multivitamin or a supplement can help offset an inadequate diet.

Have you ever felt a cold or flu coming on and managed to resist it by drinking large amounts of juices containing vitamin C? This vitamin can play an important part in making your immune system rally, and when you take it early enough and often enough, you can drastically shorten your time being ill. Vitamin C is an important resource for your body, and the results of not getting enough can be very noticeable. For instance, you may find yourself feeling sick, weak or irritable nearly all the time. You may very well be more susceptible to illness and infections. When babies do not get enough vitamin C, their growth will likely be impaired.

If you continue to allow a vitamin C deficiency to go unchecked, complications as severe as scurvy could develop. Nightmarish symptoms can include bleeding under the skin, the massive development of bruises, and the loss of your teeth. Anemia can develop from this condition, and you will discover that you are more and more subject to sickness and fatigue.

When you are trying to be certain that you are getting enough vitamin C in your diet, keep in mind that the recommended daily amount for women is about 75 mg a day, with 90 mg as the approved amount for men. Pregnant women should plan to add another 10 mg in addition to that, and women who are breastfeeding should add on another 45 mg. If you are a smoker, your minimum should be at least 100 mg of vitamin C per day.

Take some time to make sure that you are getting the right amount of vitamin C in your body. This is something that many people find that they need to think about, and if you have noticed any of the symptoms above, you’ll find that infusing your body with the positive effects of vitamin C can have some truly impressive results.

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